The Kansas Gelbvieh Association’s annual tour will be held on August 16, 2014. This year the tour will be hosted by district one, and will include the following participants: Raile Gelbvieh (St. Francis, KS), Diamond V Gelbvieh (Stockton, KS), and Bar Arrow Cattle Co. (Phillipsburg, KS).


If you have any questions or need more information please contact Randy Odle at (785) 425-7286 or Evan Cooper at (620) 285-1160. We look forward to seeing you there!



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The Kansas Gelbvieh Association’s held its annual tour on August 16, 2014. This year’s tour was hosted by District 1 which included stops in St. Francis, Phillipsburg, and Stockton, KS.

Raile Gelbvieh, in St. Francis, KS, was the first stop on the tour. Delbert Raile started off the festivities by talking about their operation, how they got started in the Gelbvieh breed, and some of the genetics that they have been able to acquire. Then he and family provided us with an exceptional group of cow/calf pairs and bulls to look at. They made it easy for us to observe what an excellent job that their herd sires are doing for them by having the sire penned next to a group of his calves and their dams. Raile’s also had some of their A.I.ed sired calves on display and this just added to the number of good calves to look at.

For the second stop we traveled to Phillipsburg, KS visiting Bar Arrow Cattle Company. First up on the agenda Stuart Jarvis, family, and crew treated us to lunch. Then we listened to Stuart give an overview of their operation, followed by a presentation on feed supplements. After the presentations we were challenged to guess the weights of each of the bull/heifer calves outside and the person who was closest to the total weight of all the calves would receive a prize. This made it evident that Bar Arrow has a bunch of high performing calves, and the cows raising them were a very high quality set of females. Also, on display were a few herd sires that Bar Arrow is currently using. Once, back inside door prizes were awarded and we were off to the next location.

Diamond V Gelbvieh in Stockton, KS hosted the final stop on the tour. Randy Odle and family presented a top notch set of attractive red and black cow/calf pairs. They definitely fit Randy’s goal of making functional females that will provide longevity to the operation.  Also, on display were ROC Anvil, and a group of his calves. Randy is currently selling semen on this herd sire.  Adding to the quality of the stop were a few pairs owned by Cody Miller and Lance Terry.  Once, we were through looking at the cattle Diamond V provided drinks and refreshments, along with a drawing for prizes.

With three stops in the books the annual tour concluded. It was a great day of looking at cattle, and conversing with others. We were fortunate to have three great operations host us and are thankful to Raile Gelbvieh, Bar Arrow Cattle Company, and Diamond V Gelbvieh for taking the time to organize a great tour.


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